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How Temple of Treasure works with the mooncycles

Everyday is a gift to be able to do what I love and to have created something that I felt within my heart. Over the years I have learned to follow my intuition and listen to my body. I listen when I want to create and what. Now I have learned to allow myself the space to create and to flow with my own inner rhythms more than ever. As the New Moon Collection launches I would love to tell you how I work.

Temple of Treasure moves with the seasons, the cycles and the wheel of the year. In small collections I hope to connect you with your magic and the beauty of nature. In my little Atelier I create limited edition and handcrafted or upcycled pieces, forever inspired by the wildflowers and mother nature’s natural materials.

New Moon is a time where our creative ideas spark, a time for new insights and new goals. As the New Moon is an ideal time to launch products, Temple of Treasure will have a new collection launch every New Moon on the website.

During Full Moon, the sun and moon are on the opposite sides of the earth. The energies can be quite intense and it is often a time to celebrate her abundance. In light of the Full Moon, Temple of Treasure will have a small collection with handmade items for you in store. These Full Moon offers can be either on Instagram or the website. You will be noted in advance!

Throughout the seasons and cycles I will take you through the process of inspiration, creation and celebration around the collections, cycles and offering! It will be a new journey through all the seasons, operating as a slow and sustainable business.

Ultimately at special days and holiday celebrations like the equinox, Samhain, Yule, Ostara and so on there will be special surprise offerings for you <3

Much love,


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