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It is the first film directed by Johnson. Principal photography took place in New Orleans, Louisiana. Plot Cast Dominique Vandenberg as Ginger Morgan Steven Bauer as Jack Boone Scott Adkins as Mike Masters Stephanie Fermigier as Valerie Morgan James Gandolfini as Herr Reinhart Wesley Addy as Little Red Steve Barton as Rufus Douglas Henshall as Mr. Masters Jeanne Cooper as Mrs. Masters Sherman Howard as O.R. Doctor Christina Cole as Sarge John Goodsen as Timer Bobby Baker as Spike Doug Norton as Spike Nathan Phillips as Spike Doug Traum as Spike Sidney Crawl as Spike Release Critical reception Ray Richmond of the Entertainment website at gave the film 2 stars out of 5 and called it a "silly, violent thriller in which a (male) cast of homicidal maniacs in prison pants hang, push and choke each other for favors. The story is so preposterous that even four men could not make it seem believable. Not only does the movie have absolutely no internal logic, it has an equally bizarre time frame." The film has a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and the critics' consensus reads: "Pit Fighter is a mindless collection of violence, sexual assault, and poorly edited fight scenes." References External links Category:2005 films Category:English-language films Category:Films set in Louisiana Category:Films shot in Louisiana Category:Lions Gate Entertainment films Category:2000s action films Category:Films with screenplays by Brian Helgeland Category:American action filmsQ: PostgreSQL - update in loop for values bigger then zero I have a trigger that will calculate 'total' and 'actual_num' (a number of lines created by user). The thing is I want to set 'total' to 0 in case user creates 0 lines - or so I believe. I did it with a loop: CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION public.calc_num_of_lines() RETURNS TRIGGER AS $BODY$ DECLARE c_num




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Pit Fighter Movie Free Download lytgio

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